Patient First Visit

On your first visit:
You will spend a full hour with your Physical Therapist. The time will be spent evaluating and assessing you, your medical history, and your current problem. You will be able to ask the Physical Therapist questions about your problem or condition. The Physical Therapist will perform a comprehensive and thorough examination of the injured area to determine the cause of your pain. The results of the examination and evaluation will determine what therapeutic interventions are needed to help abolish your pain and return you to full function. Treatment will begin on the first day so you can begin recovering as quickly as possible. In almost all circumstances, your care will be delivered by the same Physical Therapist who evaluated you on your first day.

Follow up visits:
You will have follow up appointments with the Physical Therapist who performed your initial evaluation. We believe continuity of care is vital to the rehabilitation process. You will get to know your Physical Therapist well and that relationship allows for a high standard of care and the level of detail needed to achieve the outcome you desire. The Physical Therapist will partner with you to determine the appropriate number of physical therapy sessions needed to meet your goals. To achieve your goals as efficient and effective as possible a home program including light exercise will likely be established on your first or second visit.

At the end of your Physical Therapy:
The Physical Therapist will work in collaboration with you to determine when your goals have been achieved your physical therapy needs to conclude. You will be provided with a written copy of your final home program which will include the most important exercises to ensure that you continue to function at your desired level.

After you have been discharged:
After you complete physical therapy, you will have the contact information for your Physical Therapist so any future questions or concerns can be addressed. Twin Lakes Physical Therapy will be available to you and committed to your full recovery even after formal physical therapy care has ended. We even have a Wellness and Maintenance Program that you are able to attend after you have been discharged from physical therapy. Ask your Physical Therapist about the Wellness and Maintenance Program if you are interested.